Callie Phillips-Plojoux
Salary for full-time employment in the year 2019


Target Funded

Callie has been volunteering her time at MyDunoon for the 18 months, helping with the planning and coordination of MyDunoon Explorers, a weekly after-school English Fun Club for primary school children. She loves children and will continue to create fun explorations for them next year, but she has a passion for the youth and desires to see young adults become whole and stable in their emotional, professional and spiritual lives. With a background in Theology and Psychology, she will be building relationships with the young adults in the community and training them up to be local change-makers.
She will also be working in communications in order to assist outside organizations and stakeholders to invest in the community.

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Ubuntu is an ancient and current African philosophy of humanity that is bound up in the Other. It is a value system according to which one measures humanness, and its closest translation in English is ‘I am because of who we are’. The ethic of ubuntu means that a community all share the responsibility of their ‘togetherness’, and when implemented correctly, it can bring about unity.

Ngoku is isiXhosa for ‘now’. Many in South Africa desire to see change in our country and the communities around us. We believe that when a community is united and mobilized, it can quickly move towards local transformation.

MyDunoon is a Non-Profit organization that is focused on creating and supporting positive change in the Dunoon Township. We believe that for change to last it needs to be embraced by the community, for this to happen the community needs to unite and believe that change is possible. Our aim is to take on an intermediary role where we can bring about unity within the neighborhood, communication between parties involved, and train up young change-makers in the community.

For the last three years, MyDunoon has started to support sustainable social change through gaining experience and an understanding of the community, building a brand the community can trust, and networking with and supporting the local (grassroots) organizations. This has been achieved through a variety of events and programs. Our aim for the year 2019 however is two things, to:

1. Engage and inspire community members to involve themselves in initiatives that can stimulate social change and address local problems (engaging especially with the youth in order to inspire innovative problem-solving).

2. Assist outside organizations and stakeholders to invest in the community in effective and innovative ways.

 Thank you for supporting our cause.

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