A good PC, Internet access and online educational content can open up a whole new world of possibilities for any child. High data costs in the country rob the majority of South Africans of their right to access and ability to partake in the digital economy. With outcomes-based education putting more emphasis on marks for projects throughout the year instead of marks for exams, those with the means to put together five-star projects will sail through school, qualify for university admission and leave their poorer peers behind.

The Boost learning center with a well equipped computer lab and space to study, is open to all learners from Grade 3 to Tertiary students. Internet access is freely available to learners to do school project research, study for exams and apply to universities/colleges. Assistance is provided to learners when needed. Job seekers who have completed our Job Readiness course are also allowed to use the computer lab in the morning for online job applications, emails and printing.