We offer learning programmes that span from preconception to career


First 1000 Days

We have partnered with Little Lambs and the Dunoon Clinic to develop programmes that will specifically target a mom and her baby during this the time period from conception until a child’s 2nd birthday.

The first 1,000 days are a time of tremendous potential and enormous vulnerability and has a profound impact on a child’s ability to grow, learn and thrive.

We have identified the following focus areas: 1) pre and post natal classes
2) breastfeeding support
3) practical sessions with mom and baby on the importance mental stimulation through play and affection.

Shared Book Reading Moms & Tots

We run morning shared reading sessions at our Learning Centre twice a week with Moms and Tots. We have also partnered with the Breteau Foundation who provides tablets with educational software for toddler to take home for 6-12 months.

Our facilitators have been trained by the Mikhulu Trust in Dialogic book-sharing and we follow their award winning curriculum using wordless picture books.

‘Dialogic book-sharing’ is a special kind of interaction between an adult and a young child using a wordless picture book. It is not simply ‘reading’ to a child who listens passively – instead, it is an active exchange, led by the child, and supported by an adult who is attentive to their interests and communication. This enjoyable and simple activity has been proven to improve children’s language and cognitive development, and help children understand and get along with other people.

See more about the Mikhulu Trust here: https://mikhulutrust.org/what-we-do/book-sharing/

Primary School


Aftacool is not just an afterschool program but it is a chance for children to be part of a loving community. An Aftacool mom intentionally builds a relationship with the children in her group that goes beyond just teaching content. They spend time getting to know the individual children and reach out to the parents. In doing so they can meet the children where they are at and encourage them individually.

An Aftacool club is hosted by a mother in the community who has been trained to run after school clubs twice a week from their homes with 10-15 children in their area. The AfterCool clubs ideally cater to Grade 4-7 learners although some content can be tweaked for younger children.

A box with educational but fun content based on a picture book is delivered to a mom every two weeks with resources and activities focusing on critical thinking, emotional intelligence and curiosity.

See more about our Aftacool Clubs here:

Math Club

Maths Clubs provide fun, exciting and engaging maths activities for learners in Grades 1-6. The lesson plans and activities are designed to build strong number-sense skills and a love for mathematics.

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Creative Club

Creative development is an essential part of a child’s development. These therapeutic art classes help children to stabilise through developing healthy coping mechanisms for processing stress and healing from trauma.

Our Creative Arts facilitators are trained by the Butterfly Art Project to provide psycho-social support through art therapeutic classes. Facilitators are trained in four artistic mediums: clay, watercolour paint, free drawing and mixed media which equips them to develop lessons to grow resilience, concentration, social skills, interest in learning, confidence and fine motor skills with the beneficiaries.

Coding Club

Our Coding Club has two streams. The first stream is a weekly computational thinking programme targeting grade 4-7 learners. Using resources and curriculum designed by Computer Science for All in SF, this programme familiarises children with cognitive skills used in computer science as well as with the basic concepts of coding and programming.

Our second stream is also a weekly club for learners who have shown an interest and commitment after attending the beginners programme. This is a smaller group of learners and we make use of the Tanks gaming app and code.org. We are in the process of finalising the curriculum and have also introduced robotics as a fun activity.

Reading Clubs

At the beginning of every year we do a literacy assessment with the learners who attend our Aftacool programme and our Siyafunda After School Clubs. Learners who are identified as struggling readers are then invited to join our remedial reading clubs.

Every learner has different learning needs. If a learner is at sound level we go back to teaching phonics and if a learner is struggling to read words we explore blending. Other learners can read but they cannot read for meaning. We then encourage reading at home and read through books with them so that they can increase their vocabulary and understanding.

Some of our struggling readers get an educational tablet provided by the Breteau Foundation with literacy games and many stories to read to use at home for 6-12 months.

Yebo Academic Programme

Catch-up programme for under-performing (Codes 2-5), Grade 3 and 4 learners by providing in and after school support. Support with language transition to meet level of literacy and numeracy requirements by using TARL principals – starting with where the learner is at.

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High School

Grade 8 Aftacool Club

Our after-school psychosocial support program for grade 8 learners is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment where learners can develop the skills and resources they need to succeed. By offering a range of activities and resources, the Grade 8 Club helps learners build resilience, manage stress, and develop positive relationships with their peers and caregivers.

The Grade 8 club curriculum makes use of the ‘Smart Girl and Boy’ curriculum and ‘Career Launch’ provided by Boy and Girls Club SA. We also incorporate computer skills into the curriculum.

Gold Youth Grade 9-12

We are excited to partner with Gold Youth as an implementation partner.

Through the Gold Peer Education Model, we are embedding peer leaders and their mentors into schools and communities, developing young people from being passive recipients of negative norms to proactive agents of positive change, who are empowering themselves and their peers to become the ethical and economically independent leaders of tomorrow.

The programme provides a job creation opportunity as a Facilitator Intern for out-of-school youth. They are trained to train and mentor teenage leaders called Peer Educators. Facilitator Interns start as a Junior and move through 4 years of their internship until they are a Lead Facilitator Intern.

Read more about this programme here: https://goldyouth.org/programme/


Computer Literacy Progamme

Our computer literacy programme provides valuable skills development opportunities and access to technology that can help individuals improve their education, employment opportunities, and overall quality of life.

Sewing Courses

Our sewing centre provides a safe and supportive learning environment where individuals can build confidence and develop new skills.

Participants start off with a 2 week starter course which exposes them to basic sewing skills by making a pin cushion and a patchwork scatter cushion. The starter course also makes it clear whether participants show an interest and passion for sewing and are able to progress to the next course.

During the next 8 weeks the participants learn to make a shoe bag, an apron, a tracksuit, and a skirt. Our teachers are trained to encourage neat and quality work. We all know that sewing requires hand eye co-ordination and this help to keep our brains as nimble as our fingers! The sewing course challenges participants to strive for professionalism and many times they have to remove stitches that are skew or too tight. This can bring up emotions of frustration and anger and our teachers are trained to gently work

The graduates are then welcomed to make use of the sewing centre facilities to start their own project and gain experience. The act of sewing helps to build self confidence. The simple fact that you can create something from nothing is incredibly empowering. Sewing is a creative skill that benefits individuals in making their own clothes, repairing clothes or starting a small business to earn an income.

Our sewing teachers provide mentorship and support to participants and graduates by brainstorming ideas, providing patterns and information on where materials and fabrics can be purchased at a goof price.
Participants and graduates also have access to peer support as weekly life coaching sessions creates an environment of trust and connection.

The sewing centre provide access to graduates to sewing machines, patterns and guidance. This allows participants to practice their skills and create products to sell or use for personal use.


A ten-month Youth Service Programme that provides unemployed youth, age18 to 25, with a meaningful work experience and invest in their personal and professional development so they remain economically active. We currently mentor 21 youth who work at two Primary Schools in Dunoon implementing the Yebo Academic programme.

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