We are committed to relationship building and making our programmes sustainable, relevant and impactful in the specific community we work in. The work we do under the myDunoon banner takes a step back and looks critically at the larger context that the beneficiaries of our projects live in. This allows us to identify the biggest challenges in the community and when capacity and resources line up, allows us to co-ordinate the collaborative efforts needed to address these challenges.

This initiative therefore covers the very necessary although somewhat background bridging work that we do as an organisation.

This year we assisted >77 children who were not attending school to be placed in a school.

Poverty Stoplight is an approach that helps people progress out of poverty by empowering them to understand and map their own choices. It encourages households to participate and own their journeys out of poverty, and provides a clear line of sight of how to get there; at the same time allowing organisations delivering support to measure progress against their programme objectives.

Our next goal is to give our staff and the families of children in our AftaCool programme access to the poverty stoplight tool. Each family will engage in a process of self-discovery where they will be able to identify indicators of their own poverty and work on strategies to address these.

To read more about the poverty stoplight tool see: www.povertystoploght.co.za