We believe in empowering people to change their own lives, instead of simply giving handouts and further reinforcing a negative power dynamic.

Walk In Centre

Our centre is a safe space for individuals to start processing these feelings, a place where people can process their trauma and find real motivation.

This lines up with our core strategy – to offer a safe place for individuals to process and find ways to unlock their own potential. To do this effectively we have a case manager and a referral pathway in place for counselling and our staff have been trained to identify trauma in participants.

The closest government support service is situated in Milnerton and many people from Dunoon cannot afford the transport fee. The Boost support and learning centre has become a well known and accessible space for vulnerable people in need of assistance.
Our walk-in centre assists people from the community with school placements, learning problems, cases of neglect and abuse etc. We try to assist where we can and refer cases to organisations in our partnering network. We assist with an average of 150-200 cases a year. We also provide travel allowances to enable people to visit the different organisations that can assist them.

Our facilities are open to organisations and social workers from the Department of Social Development to meet with their clients as Dunoon is not very accessible and safe.

Computer Lab

Our computer lab addresses digital inequality in South Africa by providing digital skills training and education, and increasing access to digital devices.

We support learning by giving access to computers, internet and printing. The computer lab is utilised by adult students, job seekers and school learners. Our lab is visited by an average of 1000 individuals per year.

Student Sponsorship

We take great care to unlock the potential of our staff and make every attempt to assist in the sponsorship of study fees, transport and other resources when needed.

This year we continued to sponsor one of our After school facilitators with her 3rd year of studying Intermediate phase teaching through Unisa University.

We also formed a partnership with SALT who assisted three of our employees in upgrading and obtaining their grade 12 certificate.

Two of the Gold Youth interns are studying at CPUT – High School teaching and the other Town and Regional planning.

Our sewing centre manager is studying finance at a private college.

We also encourage employees to obtain their drivers license and provide assistance with the cost involved.

Recycle Swop Shop

We launched the waste-not project to make school supplies, food and clothing affordable for all families. This program allows families to exchange recycling for supplies. The participants are also encouraged to join in our learning programmes.

The recycle swop shop programme not only incentivises recycling but also promotes the reduction of waste in the community. It provides an opportunity for individuals to exchange items they no longer need for something they do need, while also promoting a sense of community and environmental responsibility.

Additionally, the programme creates employment opportunities for individuals involved in the collection and management of recyclable materials.

Food Gardens

Our Boost food garden and the Silverleaf Primary food garden continues to provide inspiration and greenery in an area where there are almost no trees or gardens. Dunoon is extremely over populated and sewerage problems and waste pollution has a very real psychological effect on the wellbeing of the residents. Our Food garden therefore not only serves to promote food security and learning opportunities but also a feeling of hope and possibility.

The aim is to establish a food garden at every school in Dunoon. Food gardens play an important role in beautifying townships, transforming otherwise neglected spaces into vibrant and attractive areas that promote community well-being and environmental sustainability.

Soup Kitchens

We support three Soup Kitchens with the food donations we receive through the Foodforward partnership. FoodForward SA connects a world of excess to a world of need by recovering quality edible surplus food from the consumer goods supply chain and distributing it to community organisations that serve the poor.

Community Events

Community events bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness. In Dunoon , social isolation and fragmentation are prevalent and the aim of our community events is to provide opportunities for residents to interact, form relationships, and build a strong support networks.