We encourage individuals and their communities to delve into educational pursuits that reveal their innate potential.

55% of people in South Africa live below the poverty line. Unemployment is rife and half of all South African pupils who have attended school for five years can’t do basic calculations or read for meaning. The reality in South Africa is that very few people from disadvantaged communities overcome the barriers of poverty and oppression to reach their full potential. We believe that South Africa is bursting with potential and we feel called to help unlock this potential in our community by offering support and learning opportunities.

Our work

We unlock the potential of South African communities by offering support and learning opportunities to those who most need it. We do this in three ways:

Learning opportunities

We now have learning programmes that span from preconception to career. All of our learning programmes are specifically targeted to the Dunoon and surrounding communities except for Aftacool, which is a scalable programme that can be implemented all over South Africa. We have one club running successfully in Mdantsane, East London and would love to see more clubs being established in areas where there’s a big need for educational resources.


The closest government support service is situated in Milnerton and many people from Dunoon cannot afford the transport fee. The Boost support and learning centre has become a well known and accessible space for vulnerable people in need of assistance. Our walk-in centre assists people from the community with school placements, learning problems, cases of neglect and abuse etc. We try to assist where we can and refer cases to organisations in our partnering network.

Networking & partnerships

Relationships and connections are at the heart of unlocking potential. The challenges faced by people living in poverty are incredibly complex and we would never be able to address these complexities alone. So we try our best to build bridges and partner with other organisations government churches, companies, and experts to bring innovative solutions that will result in sustainable impact.

Our amazing team

We couldn’t make the difference we do without our team of amazing staff

The team at Boost Africa is deeply committed to their mission, and their story is a testament to their dedication and passion for community upliftment. Learn more about their initiatives and the impact they’re making