Adult education

Sewing skills training

Our sewing centre provides a safe and supportive learning environment where individuals can build confidence and develop new skills.

Participants start off with a 2 week starter course which exposes them to basic sewing skills by making a pin cushion and a patchwork scatter cushion. The starter course also makes it clear whether participants show an interest and passion for sewing and are able to progress to the next course.

During the next 8 weeks the participants learn to make a shoe bag, an apron, a tracksuit, and a skirt. Our teachers are trained to encourage neat and quality work. We all know that sewing requires hand eye co-ordination and this help to keep our brains as nimble as our fingers! The sewing course challenges participants to strive for professionalism and many times they have to remove stitches that are skew or too tight. This can bring up emotions of frustration and anger and our teachers are trained to gently work with the learners through these challenges.

Once graduated – the graduates are welcomed to make use of the sewing centre facilities to start their own project and gain experience. The act of sewing helps to build self confidence. The simple fact that you can create something from nothing is incredibly empowering. Sewing is a creative skill that benefits individuals in making their own clothes, repairing clothes or starting a small business to earn an income.

Our sewing teachers provide mentorship and support to participants and graduates by brainstorming ideas, providing patterns and information on where materials and fabrics can be purchased at a good price. Participants and graduates also have access to peer support as weekly life coaching sessions creates an
environment of trust and connection.

This year we hosted 6 youth internships through the Craft Design Institute Youth accelerator 12 month programme. The interns attended sewing training at the Boland College and gained practical experience at our sewing centre by making products. They made nurse bags, children’s aprons, shopping bags, toiletry bags and garments for a Fashion show!

Teaching someone to sew is like giving them a key to a world of infinite possibilities. It’s not just about creating beautiful garments, but it’s about empowering individuals to express their creativity, build their confidence and potentially even start their own business. Sewing skills can be a powerful tool for disadvantaged communities, providing a means of self-sufficiency and a pathway to a better future.

Computer literacy programme

Our computer literacy programme provide valuable skills development opportunities and access to technology that can help individuals improve their education, employment opportunities, and overall quality of life. Combined with personal development this programme empowers people who are unemployed or under-employed with the confidence, skills and resources they need to find meaningful work.

We currently run a two-week basic computer skills training programme that offer basic skills such as keyboarding, mouse operation, file management, and internet browsing. Participants learn how to use common software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. The programme also provides training on using the internet and social media platforms for communication, research, and networking.

It also touches on online employment skills, such as creating a CV and applying for jobs online.

Graduates are encouraged to make use of our computer lab to access to computer equipment and internet connectivity for personal use i.e job searching, applying to university, creating business plans etc.