The Sewing centre is equipped with 16 sewing stations and 5 over-lockers. Our goal is to train up passionate, professional and experienced seamstresses who can find work or produce quality products to sell. We currently have 2 levels of sewing courses running.

We are producing our own products to sell and take orders from third parties to make bags, jackets, aprons, tracksuits etc. This makes it possible for our graduates to gain experience and goes towards funding the work we do.

In 2014 a couple of women from Dunoon met at Boost Africa Foundation to learn knitting. In time, the first sewing course was born with two old Bernina sewing machines donated from Switzerland.

There was so much interest with a waiting list of over 100 individuals from the Dunoon community who wanted to learn sewing. We managed to find more machines and started offering an eight-week basic sewing course equipping learners with the skills to design a basic pattern, cut and operate a sewing machine.

Since 2015, 300 individuals have completed our course and we are currently employing five sewing centre graduates who are teaching and making products to sell.


This 2 week course provides individuals with an introduction to sewing. After completion they can decide if they want to embark on the journey of becoming a professional seamstress.

FEES: R 200 deposit to cover all the student’s material costs for the duration of the course.

This is a 8 week course where students learn how to: handle the sewing machines, work with patterns, cut accurately, sew simple items (needle pillow, apron, bag, shoe bag), create articles of clothing for personal use according to a chosen pattern and work with zips, buttonholes, etc.

FEES: R 200 deposit to cover all the student’s material costs for the duration of the course.

You can browse our products at the Sewing Centre website: